Books of 2014

Happy New Year all!! I hope everyone had a great last year and here’s hoping for an amazing 2015 (especially all the books!)

So I have this thing where I keep track of all the books I’ve read during the year by the month I finished. This has been going on since 2006 (a fact that sort of floored me when I checked on when it started).  This is only semi-accurate.  I tend to sometimes either forget to write down a book or the month they were read in.  So it’s a vaguely incomplete list but it’s ongoing and I am mostly proud of it.

This post is going to be a bit different; it was supposed to happen last wednesday but I ended up having to work and then travel, so then it got pushed back. What I’m going to do is go over the books from this past 2014 year and list out my favorites, and thus, my recommended books for if you’ve not read them.NOTE: They are listed solely in the order they appear in my list, not favorites in order. Some maybe books that I’ve read before, but since they fall on this list in 2014, I’m adding them. Without further ado,

Leslie’s Top Picks of 2014

  • The Blue Sword
  • Shatter Me
  • Linger
  • The Selection
  • The Princess Bride
  • The Falconer
  • Unwind
  • The Bodies We Wear
  • Trust Me I’m Lying
  • The Maze Runner
  • Geektastic
  • Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
  • Why We Broke Up
  • ACID
  • The Diviners
  • The Fallen
  • The Way of the Shadow (READ THIS)
  • Defiance
  • Working for the Devil
  • The Forest of Hands and Teeth
  • Shadow and Bone
  • Mistborn (READ THIS)

If you’ve any questions about certain books, feel free to leave a  comment! I hope I didn’t miss any crazy good ones… now I’m paranoid, gah!

YALLFest 2014

Hey y’all! (As they say in the south), posting here via phone from Charleston, SC home of YALLFest.

The first day was so much fun and we met so many of the authors already! Erin has the picture I meant to post of Danielle Paige signing our (shhh you shouldn’t know yet!) next giveaway. I just realized how little pictures I’ve taken of everything (besides this one of Rocket and the sign… And actually about 20 more just featuring Rocket doing random things)



I don’t know how to fix the sideways picture, but you guys get the general gist.

I’m super excited for tomorrow, most especially the Smackdown, so expect cool things from that.

Erin’s last minutes thoughts are: “ouch.” Due to the number of times that she’s tripped or stumbled, and more recently turning her head to answer me and hitting it against the headboard (note: not it’s original purpose). Expect a more comprehensive post from her at a later date.

Until then, peace, love, and tears (I just finished reading Allegiant for the first time- rawwwwrrrr).

Not An Actual Review

This isn’t an actual review because I didn’t actually finish reading the book. The Quick by Lauren Owen is a historical novel that also dives into a fantasy arc as well.   It is a well written book, simply the contents were not my usual cup of tea. About a third of the way through the book and I still didn’t know what it was actually about, and I didn’t have too much of a desire to stay and find out.

One thing that I would like to make very clear though, is that this style novel is no where near my taste interest for books. Obviously, there are plenty of books that I don’t quite enjoy that plenty of you would. A note though, due to subject matter brought upon in the book, I would recommend this book to slightly older in the YA category of age (18ish rather than 12,13).  Also,  if anyone has read it, please let me know what you thought of it. I’d love to hear honest opinions of this books that I can share with readers.

Other thoughts:

  • For those of you who follow it, Erin and I will be attending YALLFest in South Carolina, leaving tomorrow (Thursday). We’re super excited,  and I need to pack most desperately.  I’m going to add to my “To Read” list, which is already easily over 20 books.
  • Clariel is out! For those of you who enjoyed the Abhorsen series, as I did growing up, this is most happy making news.
  • I’ve a lot of books to write about… I just haven’t yet.  I think I have to start writing notes while reading, because I forget my thoughts at time. I’ve also quite a few recommended for me books that I’m itching to read.
  • For those of you that follow that stuff, the trailer for Age of Ultron is out and it looks SO GOOD. -geeking out-
  • For those of you that celebrate it, I hope you had a lovely (and/or scary) halloween :)

Thank you all for all your support through our lives, and lack of time to post (If you can go congratulate Erin on passing her Master’s Comps exams- we’re super crazy proud of her!!)

Lots of love, Leslie

Why We Broke Up

I didn’t have internet for the better portion of last week, and then after they came and “fixed it” the internet keeps coming and going whenever it feels like it (very dial up, if you guys remember that). I’m gonna try and work around this as best I can, starting with this book:

why we broke up

(And no, I’m not breaking up with you guys-promise). Continue reading

Trust Me, I’m Lying



Hey gang! It’s been far too long, but summer is finally over which means with good luck I will be posting on a semi-more regular basis.  It all depends on how crazy work stays and how the personal life progresses (have a family member in ICU).  We’ve got a lot planned for you guys coming up (I know Erin has been working hard coming up with things), so that will be a fun thing to look forward to.

Another shot at this whole ARC thing, yay! Erin gave me this one to read saying that it seemed to be right up my alley and it seemed interesting enough that I figured I’d try it!

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