Why We Broke Up

I didn’t have internet for the better portion of last week, and then after they came and “fixed it” the internet keeps coming and going whenever it feels like it (very dial up, if you guys remember that). I’m gonna try and work around this as best I can, starting with this book:

why we broke up

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Trust Me, I’m Lying



Hey gang! It’s been far too long, but summer is finally over which means with good luck I will be posting on a semi-more regular basis.  It all depends on how crazy work stays and how the personal life progresses (have a family member in ICU).  We’ve got a lot planned for you guys coming up (I know Erin has been working hard coming up with things), so that will be a fun thing to look forward to.

Another shot at this whole ARC thing, yay! Erin gave me this one to read saying that it seemed to be right up my alley and it seemed interesting enough that I figured I’d try it!

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Top Ten Tuesday! Presented by The Broke and the Bookish

It has been forever since I have done one of these, but in an attempt to scorn my workload and laugh in the face of sleep deprivation, I’m trying my hardest to become a more consistent blogger again. I will accept any crossed fingers, rabbit’s feet, prayers, or any other sort of good luck charms you all may have laying around.

This week’s Top Ten is: Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows! Seeing as I have a difficult picking “favorites” for things, this list is not going to be in “favorite” order, simply the order I remember them. They will be numbered so I know when to stop, and I will be combining TV and Movies so I can reach the 10.

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The Falconer


This was a ARC given to me by Erin a few months back, but I’ve only recently gotten around to writing about it (although I’ve already read it twice).  It has already been released and, although I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, something you guys should definitely look at reading.

Aileana Kameron leads a double life no one close to her knows about.  By day she is the slightly eccentric, always gossiped about, rich, beautiful debutante. By night she fights faeries only she can see. More and more recently, however, these faeries have been slipping into her daily life, and soon not even being the last in the line of female faerie fighters will be enough to guarantee her survival.  Out for revenge for her mother’s death by these faeries and trained by a Sithichean, a faerie himself, Aileana has to push herself further in order to protect the human race- or all her efforts will have been for naught.

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Hey guys! I’m finally (mostly) back! Work has been absolutely insane (over 40hrs a week and up to 21hr shifts) so I cannot promise to be consistent with my postings, but I do promise to try my absolute best. Thank you for your patience through all the crazy that has been this blog the past few months, it is most appreciated. And without further ramblings, I give you: Fallen.



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